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Sell & Buy used books at
best price in Chennai

Sell used books to us up to 25% of market price 

Buy used books from us at 30% to 50% of market price

School - College - Competitive Exams - Novels - Others

Sell Second Hand Books

Used books are bought from customer on average of 10% to 25% of books actual market price based on books market demand and condition.

Just WhatsApp book image(like image below) or Call 9940392843, we will provide estimate(like image below) and arrange for pickup if you are good with estimate of books. 


Books less than 50


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Bulk Books

Buy Second Hand Books

Used books are sold to customer on average of 30 % to 50 % of books actual market price. Just WhatsApp book details(author, book name) or Call 9940392843, we will check for availability and deliver books if books are available.

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